Tuesday 16 August 2016

Recent Purchase from MAC Cosmetics - August 2016

Last time I bought something from MAC was nearly a year ago, when I purchased the Mineralized Skin Finish pressed powder in Medium Plus. I loooove this powder although I don't use it as much as I should. I keep it in my makeup pouch so I can use it for touch ups, but I rarely do touch ups. Too lazy for that LOL. As this powder is supposed to be applied using a brush, I had to buy a powder sponge separately. But it works well, so... can't complaint. It gives just the right amount of matte-ness and it does last a good 5-6 hours on top of sheer foundation.

Anyway, three weeks ago I just felt like browsing through MAC website to see what lipsticks shades they currently have. And then I saw Finally Free, which has a cremesheen finish. This I just couldn't miss! I just thought I had to have it, it's the perfect MLBB colour for me. I googled the swatches images, fell in love with it and finally decided to buy one. 

I put it in the shopping basket, but I found out that I had to pay extra $10 for the shipping. So I thought hmmmm maybe I should buy something else so I can justify spending that extra 10 bucks. Browse, browse, browse..... And I ended up chosing the Cremeblend Blush in Posey. Pweeety colour, and cream blush means that it is easy to apply. Just use my finger, no brush needed. But will it have a good staying power? Is it as good as my current favourite Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge? Mine is in Blushed Rose and I use it like almost everyday, every occasion.  Only recently I realized that it probably is too brownish for my skin tone, hence my attempt on getting another cream blush in a more pinkish colour. And Posey it is!

About a week later the package arrived.... It was all very well-wrapped, and I tried them on as soon as I opened it. I love theeeeem...

And here comes my super quick review:
The blush lasted me all day, literally all day. I usually applied my make up at around 7am and I remove them around 8-9pm. I can see that the blush stays put, and it's very pigmented. The lipstick, on the other hand, doesn't stay that long but it lasted me a good 6-8 hours even after going through 3 meals with no touch ups. The colour is probably too sheer for my liking, but it's something that I'd definitely use when I just need to add a bit of colour to my face.

I haven't tried the Prep+Prime Base Visage, but will do soon :)

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