Friday 29 June 2012

Pamper, Shop, Knit and Sew

Illustration by Alyssa Nasser

There's soo many things I'd like to do this weekend. From pampering myself at home (having a hair mask, body scrub and manicure), exchanging my pants to a smaller size in Carousel, buying more yarns for my knitted scarf at Spotlight, to catching up with the girls on pengajian in the afternoon. Above all, I've been longing to use my sewing machine. Yep, I finally bought one, hoping that one day (when I have my own family) I could turn into a domestic goddess who's not only a good cook, but also able to make my daughter's ball dress. <-- that's the ambitious side of me talking, LOL.

*and the dream goes on and on...*

While Yusuf's Mom is here, she will teach me everything from making the patterns, cutting the fabrics (trust me I tried, and it's not as easy as it looks), to operating the machine. Yay, excited! Hmm, I'm thinking maybe I could make a simple skirt for a start? And followed by a loose satin blouse like this? I love loose tops, and it seems to be easy to make because I wouldn't need to take an exact measurement of my body. Yeay to curve-less tops!

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