Thursday 9 August 2012

...Drop Dead Bored...

Today's first thing firsts...

first thing to do after got out of bed this morning: brush my hair

first channel to watch on TV today: haven't turned my tv on since yesterday :(

first website i visited today:

first thing i read today: my email at work

first email i read today: from a client in Kununurra, requesting some documents

first email i replied today: the above email

first person i talked to today: Yusuf mwah mwah

first person i talked to on the phone today: Helen

first drink i have today: mineral water

first food i ate today: a slice of caramel mud cake

first thing i did when i got to work: turn on my computer

first program i opened on my computer at work: Outlook

first person i chatted online with today: girls from my Pengajian group, on WhatsApp

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