Monday, 5 December 2016

Review - Printing Photos With Snapfish

I take thousands of photos with my phone, and didn't care about printing them until Ghani was born. Thought it was a huge milestone in our family, to have experienced to grow from a family of two to a family of three <3 On the first week of having him around, there were already 200+ more photos stored in my phone. Yes - I'm that kind of mum who take  photos of my baby's toes, ears, him yawning and sleeping.. Times 10.

So I decided to start a family photo album. Most of the time I went to Kmart and Officeworks to print them, but almost always disappointed with the results. It's been inconsistent, on good days I think they turned out okay, but other days the colors were off, paper quality was bad, and I had to hang around the store for extra 20 minutes (on top of the 20 minutes I spent on transferring photos from my phone to their machine using some weird app).

And then I found Lalalab, a photo printing company where we can just select the photos from our phone using the app, pay them via Paypal, and wait for the photos to be delivered. They came from Germany so it did take a while for the package to arrive. I don't remember how much it cost, but I ordered the prints when they were having Halloween discount (30% off) and it was still quite pricey. The package arrived in a cute pink envelope. Color was great, paper quality was good (they only have satin/glossy paper option, although I prefer matte paper). However their standard size is 10x13 cm instead of the usual A4 10x15cm. The price, delivery time and sizing are quite a let down for me.

Just when I was about to return to Officeworks to print some more, a friend recommended Snapfish. The app is very easy to use, their A4 is a standard 10x15 cm, only costs about $15cents per print, and they have a matte paper option! I have learned from previous experiences where I ordered 50+ photos at once but wasn't happy with the result so this time I only printed10 photos. Surprise, surprise... It only took less than a week until I receive them, aaand this one actually delivers the BEST results. Matte paper quality is really good, color is great (not as dark as the ones from Kmart and Officeworks), price is CHEAP, I'm so in love with it.

If you're looking to print some frame worthy photos, I highly recommend Snapfish. Now I just need to head off to Ikea to buy some pretty frames :)


  1. Di sana susah cari tempat print Dit? Di Jakarta mah masih berjejer di mana-mana termasuk di dalam mall ya. Kecuali kalo roll film mesti pakai effort banyak, tapi masih ada juga.

    1. Sebenernya banyak di mall2 gitu May, tapi prosesnya menyebalkan.. Mesti ngantri, duduk lama pilih foto, nunggu dicetak, dan kualitasnya meh biasaa.. Enakan yg berbasis online gini, milih dan ngedit foto sambil tiduran, clik click click bayar, beberapa hari kemudian fotonya nyampe deh. ini kalo ga urgent sih, kalo urgent ya terpaksa pake mesin di mall itu..