Sunday 2 December 2012


Can you believe it's December alreadyy??? Realising that we're approaching the end of the year, knowing that I've achieved nothing (or haven't done anything spectacular) usually terrifies me. But not this time. Somehow I'm excited to welcoming the new year, my heart's jumping up and down and my hands are widely open to catch whatever next year has to offer.

Anyway, I wanna show you some pictures from November. I think it's easier to share lots of things through pictures, beacause... you know, I'm not good with words. Besides, "picture speaks louder than words", they say.

I have a bad habit of being too lazy to wake up earlier in the morning to make my own breakfast. This is my attempt in breaking that habit, which turned out to worked for only 2 days! I woke up early to spread mascarpone cheese on toast, topped with banana, oats and honey. Tastes good, but I felt hungry again the moment I stepped my feet at the office, so I had to buy something from the canteen. I would rather pack my yoghurt with oat bran and oats to work so I can eat it whenever I feel hungry before lunchtime. Breakfast at home just not my thing.

Love this new seating area in the city

The weather has gone crazy. We had rains and storm and hail in summertime!

Yusuf visiting my parents in Jakarta <3
He spent FIVE hours on the road juggling with the traffic! What a mission!
(ps. It only took him 4 hours for the flight from Perth to Jakarta --__--)

Christmas light show in the city

Had yumcha on Dara's birthday. Nyaammm :)

December smells like holiday, although we only have 2 days off. Well, 3 for me, beacuse I'm off to Jakarta on the 31st to celebrate the new years with my family! Woohoooo, sooo excited!!

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