Thursday, 5 April 2012

There's Always Something About Macarons

Went to Fremantle Market last week and spotted this cute macarons patisserie, just right next to the famous ramen restaurant. Too bad I can't remember the name, and I think it's only just been opened for a few weeks so I couldn't find the details in Freo Market's website either.. Anyway, I love the way they display the macarons, it's just sooo pretty! Ooh, and the shabby-chic kind-of-interior really brings me to Paris (which I've never been to but I'm guessing their bakeries would look like this? :p)

Dessert with a touch of femininity :) 

Don't you just love how they look?

See, it brings you to Paris, right? Right? 

Quite a pricey dessert

Macarons is actually too sweet for my taste. But I couldn't resist to buy some, only because they look.... emmm... too appetizing. Boyfriend decided to try their Cannelle (I forgot to take the picture, duuh!) which turned out to taste wonderful! It's a cake with caramelized and crusty texture outside, but in the inside is more like a... baked custard (??). I've never had something like that before so I don't exactly know how to describe it, LOL. Ooh, now I'm craving for one!  

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